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LETTER: Protesters have gone too far

It is truly distressing to behold certain citizens of our great country aping the behaviour of the disgusting hordes of ignoramuses who seem determined to turn our southern neighbour into a theocratic fascist oligarchy, and who are in fact well along the road to so doing. I refer to the tiny percentage of our nation’s truckers (and others) who currently infest our nation’s capital.

These people are not patriots, freedom fighters or heroes but rather reality-challenged neo-brownshirt goons with IQs lower than their shoe sizes and seized of a degree of gullibility greater than that of those who believe wrestling is real.

If the police don’t have the resources to remove these quarter-wits, we have an army which must be brought in. I find it ironic that there appears to be no hesitation in arresting those opposing the destruction of our old-growth forests while these ignorant bullies are permitted to bring the capital city of our country to a halt with impunity.

John C. Simpson

Oak Bay