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LETTER: Protesters’ actions are a disgrace

It is reasonable to conclude that the vast majority of those participating in the so-called Freedom Convoy have never read, or even heard of, the 1936 book written by Dale Carnegie, How to Win Friends and Influence People. In desecrating a Terry Fox statue in the nation’s capital, these protest participants have revealed just how ignorant they are. ​

Terry Fox embarked on his Marathon of Hope in 1980 to raise money to better cancer research and treatment. Today, there are many Canadians who are having their cancer treatments disrupted because the unvaccinated have put a strain on the finite resources of our publicly paid-for health-care system. Had Terry Fox lived to see this day he would have denounced these people in the strongest of terms.

The lasting memory from the actions of this band of misfits will be what they did to perhaps the one and only unassailable Canadian hero, Terry Fox. The images will live in infamy, and those of us who have done our part for the greater good, and rolled up our sleeves to get the jab, can finally feel OK about washing our hands of this lunatic fringe.

Trevor Amon