LETTER: Premier’s language overshadows the real obscenity

Your recent article regarding Premier Horgan’s language in a recent question period completely misses the point. The real issue is why he would react in this manner when asked a perfectly valid question.

Why after five years of NDP government do one million B.C. residents not have access to a family doctor? Why are wait times for so-called “elective” surgery among the longest in Canada? And why do existing clinics seem to be closing every month?

This is an utter disgrace and Premier Horgan and his cabinet should be ashamed to look any resident in the eye until this is fixed with a systemic overhaul of our health care delivery and doctor compensation systems.

The only answer I can think of to these queries is that the issue is not the top priority of the current administration. Let’s keep reminding them of the critical need for action.

Graham Williams

North Saanich