LETTER: Politicians go missing-in-action


On Feb. 15, I finally had to hang up the phone after being on hold for 75 minutes, trying to speak to someone from the Governor General’s office.

The previous week, I called my MP’s office – Randall Garrison – three times and did not get a reply. I then called his Ottawa office and after two calls, someone called back.

Credit is due to John Horgan’s office. His assistant called me back later the same day I called.

Then there are local elected officials, councils and committees and other governing bodies (Kemp Lake Waterworks for example), who benefit from minimal public contact and discourse. One exception is Mike Hicks who dutifully responds to questions.

Yet, for the last two years, free dialogue with elected officials has been squelched, mostly to the politicians’ benefit.

Laws and rules, some over-reaching and illogical, have been enacted without fulsome debate.

And we wonder why law-abiding citizens are taking to the streets and highways?

Time to speak up and question our missing-in-action politicians.

Shannon Moneo

Otter Point


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