LETTER: Police need support keeping community safe

In relation to W.M. Johnstone’s letter condemning the police for their actions in fatal confrontations: There is a gun control problem in Canada, but it does not come from gun enthusiasts who legally own, license, and follow strict regulations for this sport.

It is most unfortunate that there are fatalities involving the police actions. But if the police are involved with a violent confrontation involving firearms, if someone should get hurt, why should it be a police officer? The officers have less than a tenth of a second to make a decision, whether he dies, or the suspect who is challenging the officer with a weapon?

These officers have a sworn duty to protect and serve, if a perpetrator wants to challenge an officer, there are consequences.

When an officer orders a person to stop or surrender, that person should obey the commands and not antagonize the situation. The police officer does not know if the person has a mental problem, is high on drugs or is committing a crime involving loss of life. We should be proud of our police service and not condemn them, for protecting those that are not committing a crime or threatening the police.

The police have an impossible job, and going after the police or legal gun owners is not the answer to this problem. The police need our support more than ever, in this ever-increasing violent period of our history.

Paul Collins