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LETTER: Police deserve more appreciation

The police association recently expressed concern about the stress that our police officers are experiencing. Who else works in such a dangerous frustrating and frequently criticized job?

For most jobs, the employer must go to extreme lengths to ensure the safety of their employees, they may not even be criticized unduly for their work. Our police, on the other hand, are expected to daily face physical danger, abuse from clients and often unfair criticism from the public and their employers.

Every action and reaction is under public scrutiny, that in itself must be stressful. Do you ever act inappropriately to a situation at work, if so is it in the news?

How would you feel, if after spending time and a great deal of effort, your solution to a problem is frequently discounted, just a total waste of your time and effort. Our police face this daily, when the people they arrest are back on the street in less time than it takes to complete the paperwork. We are facing a lawless society,

Some of these people have genuine mental challenges, the police shouldn’t have to look after them, they should be cared for in a safe helpful environment. The police have enough problems dealing with those who act like they are mentally or morally challenged, but are not, and should face the consequences of their actions.

I have no sympathy for those who physically challenge our officers, or those who are verbally abusive to them. I believe that the families of our officers should expect that after their shift, their loved ones should return home in good physical and mental condition, not injured or unduly stressed.

Peter Gill