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LETTER: Playing dogs bring joy to beach

In response to the letter “Dogs out of control on Cadboro Bay” in the Dec. 1 Saanich News. The letter highlights the “far too common” occurrences of witnessing dogs running, shaking water, sniffing, licking, and even charging and jumping.

These activities are more often called “playing.” Dogs are not backpacks or purses. They enjoy playing and exercising, and if you expose yourself to a park or beach in our country, you run the risk of bearing witness to these furry animals enjoying their lives.

Many humans benefit from these animals. It is often more than fresh air and a healthy lifestyle to be walking with a furry friend. Dogs are used as medical treatment for PTSD and depression because they bring joy. In our society, I believe the majority of people can accept a playful dog enjoying himself on the beach.

Miguel Campo