LETTER: Pedestrians need more protection


The highway between Langford and Sooke is used by about 7,500 vehicles each day. With Sooke growing, these vehicle numbers will increase.

Despite my love for Sooke and my love for walking, walking in Sooke can be difficult and dangerous due to the fast traffic and close proximity to people.

Isn’t it about time that Sooke council started to install barriers to partition and protect the walkways on parts of the West Coast-Sooke Road, from the Sooke River Bridge to the center of the town and in other well-used road areas in Sooke without sidewalks?

Sidewalks are expensive, but barrier-protected walkways are inexpensive.

Every day, I see children, parents, grandparents, young people, cyclists, walkers with dogs, runners, and people with disabilities walking to Sooke’s main shopping area, work establishments, schools, doctors, dentists, parks, friends’ houses, sports activities and for general exercise reasons.

Safe pedestrian walkways wouldn’t cost the earth, but they can make a difference to our well-being, health, our sense of community living while encouraging people to get out more, park their cars and make a contribution that helps save the planet.

Howard Cannatella


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