Green Party MP Elizabeth May (Black Press Media file photo)

Green Party MP Elizabeth May (Black Press Media file photo)

LETTER: Parliament united on Russian sanctions

The letter published May 5 criticized the use of sanctions against Russian oligarchs. The tone of the letter might lead readers to think that I was some sort of outlier in Parliament in this regard. Far from being a lone voice, we are quite united in Parliament in condemning the horrific actions of Russia’s Vladimir Putin in his brutal actions against Ukraine.

In fact, every party in Parliament and every MP has supported sanctions against Russian oligarchs. With rare consensus, Canada has acted to sanction the Russian banking system and many individuals, as well as by sending humanitarian supplies and defensive armaments to Ukraine.

True, there are economic impacts on energy prices and potentially to food security. But those negative impacts are due to Putin’s actions – not the sanctions.

As for the suggestion that my MP pension will make me a billionaire, this is transparently absurd. Mr. Milner became a billionaire with millions of rubles given to him by Kremlin-friendly sources. He has tried to distance himself from this history, while never criticizing Putin nor condemning the war on Ukraine. Investigations by our government will decide if his history and $3.9 billion wealth meets the requirements for sanctions to be engaged.

To end the war and create pressure for Putin to engage in a cease-fire and peace talks, sanctions are our best approach. We cannot risk a nuclear war in sending troops to Ukraine. We cannot stand back to do nothing.

Elizabeth May

Saanich-Gulf Islands MP