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LETTER: Parkland pride is alive and well

My son played junior and senior basketball at Parkland Secondary in the ’90s. He now coaches a high school team and they recently played the Parkland junior team at his old stomping ground. It was fun for me to return to the gym where I spent so many hours watching him play.

Unfortunately, the home Parkland team was struggling, but what brings me to write this letter is to say how amazing the Parkland school spirit was. I couldn’t believe how many fans were in the stands, cheering loudly for their home team and absolutely roaring when their team made a three-pointer.

Parkland Panther pride is alive and well. Congratulations to the players, the coaches and especially the fans, as well as Parkland staff and others behind the scenes who are working to instill this school spirit. Well done. Go Panthers.

Ted Daly