LETTER: Oak Bay suites should be limited to owner-occupied homes

As a retired realtor of 40 years, I would beg to differ with Couns. Ney, Appleton, and Green about legalizing secondary suites in single-family homes. They feel that it shouldn’t matter whether the home is owner-occupied or has two separate renters.

It has long been possible in many municipalities that owners supplement the cost of their home by offering rental suites. It is understood and accepted. However, when absentee landlords use a secondary suite zoning to acquire real estate for profit such properties often deteriorate and prices rise to make affordability for new homeowners even more difficult.

That is not to say that renters are of some sort of lesser quality than owners. They often do not have the same long-term interest in maintaining the property (leaves, snow, automobiles, etc.) and nearby neighbours’ concerns are seldom dealt with in a timely fashion. Consequently, adding legal suites should surely begin only in owner-occupied residences.

Patrick Skillings

Oak Bay