LETTER: Non-vaxxed unfairly targeted


Lately, I have noted a growing effort to destroy those labelled as “anti-vaxxers,” an example being a reader’s letter published in your Jan. 13 issue. I have a theory as to why this is happening.

Unvaccinated people are increasingly faced with the reality that they are on a treadmill of increasingly ineffective and possibly dangerous boosters. Measures are being imposed on a whim.

People sense that they’ve been misled and lied to for the benefit of pharmaceutical companies and power-hungry governments. There is also an awareness that some constituencies, like Florida, have successfully embraced less destructive and more effective ways of dealing with the disease.

Rather than face the reality of this dissonance, the natural reaction seems to be to double down and pick a target to blame. This is how we get to Quebec Premier Francois Legault threatening to fine the non-vaxxed out of existence, as though they were the cause of all his problems, and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, unable to hide his scorn for this segment of the population because he feels that they are threatening to usurp his right to dictate how this pandemic should be handled.

Our political, media and medical leaders are doing a stellar job of dividing us, and unfortunately, our society will suffer the consequences.

Hugh Wirch

Otter Point


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