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LETTER: New name, same old policies

If I had harmed as many people as the BC Liberals did during their 16 years in government in B.C. I would want to change my name too.

During their time in office, they managed to cut 10,000 health-care jobs, double health-care premiums, privatize union jobs, decrease low-income housing stock, turn a blind eye to money laundering by organized criminals after being warned by the RCMP, cut funding for addiction treatment… and the list goes on.

The one group the Liberals helped was the wealthiest people in the province. The Liberals cut their taxes. Luckily the NDP were elected and reinstated taxes for the wealthiest people in the province and used the money to provide more affordable daycare, restore funding to health care and education, increased payments to people with disabilities and people on social assistance, reinstated the bus passes for people with disabilities, stopped contract flipping in seniors care homes, ended medical premiums, increased the minimum wage, attacked money laundering in casinos and other problem areas, provided rebates and grants to people reducing their carbon footprint through the Clean BC program and so many more things aimed at helping working people and poor people.

Of course, we will never know how many other harmful ideas were talked about by the BC Liberals after they all learned to triple-delete their emails.

Now BC Liberal leader Kevin Falcon has changed the name of his party to BC United. I hope people are not gullible enough to be tricked by a name change (rebranding).

I have a great idea to use rebranding to fight food insecurity. I suggest we change the name of the cactus to strawberry and thistles to blueberries. We can harvest the newly named fruits and feed them to people. That idea makes me feel like a genius – just like Kevin Falcon.

Dave Connell