LETTER: MP fails to see the real priorities

The current report from our dutiful MLA Murray Rankin and a ranking cabinet minister confirms why we make no progress on the issues that most plague our community. I quote: my top priority is building a province where our children and grandchildren can thrive and to protect our B.C. forests.

However laudable this might be, is he unaware of what actually concerns the voters. I suspect that any quick survey of his constituents would loudly confirm two other priorities: the cost of housing and health care. The latter is a daily concern for thousands of residents with no family doctors and long surgical waiting lists.

Given this obvious lack of vision and misdirected purpose, why do we as residents of the Capital Region continually re-elect representatives of the same political persuasion?

I remind voters consistent with Minister Rankin’s misplaced priorities that the recent provincial budget speech similarly omitted serious commitment to actually address the need for health care reform.

It’s time for residents to rise up and send a message to recognize our real concerns and priorities.

James Anderson