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LETTER: More restrictions needed on noise from heat pumps

I am writing this letter in regard to the District of Saanich’s efforts to curb climate change by implementing a program which would incite homeowners to upgrade their oil furnaces or boilers to electric heat pumps.

I respect that Saanich is concerned about curbing climate change, although we all know that the climate constantly changes and that will be an ongoing situation.

My skepticism is about Saanich promoting heat pumps while not implementing new restrictions and bylaws for noise reduction for heat pumps.

Based on my own experience, I can honestly say that heat pumps have been a big bone of contention in my life at Prospect Lake.

I know firsthand how noisy and disturbing the sound is, at times so annoying that we have had to sleep in different bedrooms to avoid the noise at night.

Years ago, I wrote letters to the District of Saanich about the noise from heat pumps. An inspector came during the day and although he did realize some higher electrical noise, he told me it was not enough to warrant any action. Yet, the main problem is during the night, as much of the other sounds from daily activities are dampened, and the electrical noise becomes much more evident.

So what kind of new restrictions and bylaws will be put in place, taking into consideration the placement of pumps in relation to neighbours, etc.

My greatest fear is that by changing the old for the new, we might only bring forth a new generation of noise pollution.

Irene Haupt