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LETTER: More must be done to help Ukraine

We are now into the second month of the illegal war in Ukraine, where a madman continues to slaughter innocent civilians.

While Ukraine is not a part of NATO, don’t you think that there is something that NATO can do? This is how Hitler started, and because everyone just stepped back, it eventually ended up in a much larger war.

And what is the west doing about it. They continue to have meetings. How many people have to die before something is done to help? Ukraine needs soldiers as well as equipment.

Canada continues to have its role as one of the world’s peacekeepers. Goodness knows that we can offer little or no military support with our obsolete equipment. When was the last time that Canada enjoyed good leadership and contributed to funding our role in NATO?

How about the UN? Why can’t they fill the role as the major peacekeeper in the world? Meetings alone don’t help, even at the UN level.

Henry Fox