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LETTER: Mayor Young’s vision for Langford has paid off

Finally, “the vision” from over 20 years ago can move closer to reality.

Back in 1998 when I was president of The Westshore Chamber of Commerce, Mayor Stew Young and council approved our suggestion of changing the name western communities to the West Shore. Boy did they take a lot of heat. Today it’s apparent that was a great decision.

The vision at the time was to bring sewers to Langford and start to ramp up the struggling businesses while working with developers to help expand Langford into a vibrant opportunistic community. Today it’s apparent that was a great decision.

The direction back in 1999 was to strategically bring big-box enterprise to an area of Langford that other businesses could grow around and eventually more condos and apartments could emerge as growth continued. Today it’s apparent that was a great decision.

Let’s be honest, Mayor Young and council have done an incredible job. Over my two terms as president of The Westshore Chamber of Commerce, the ultimate vision of eventually one day building big towers in the core of Langford was talked about and visualized by Mayor Young. To me, it was a pipe dream but like turning a sleepy bedroom community into a vibrant city, Mayor Young somehow could visualize it and in his head had a plan.

Today, while Mayor Young and his council may not always see things that same way, I can honestly say collectively they all work incredibly well together. There is no other municipality that continues to take top spot in all categories from growth to best place to live in B.C.

Thank you Mayor Young for your unbelievable years of service and dedication to improving Langford. Thank you council, staff and loyal supporters of Langford. You are all truly remarkable.

Stay strong and steadfast.

Ron Cheeke