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LETTER: Many volunteers’ efforts go unnoticed

Breaking News: Dog owners pick up dog poop, issue press release.

I understand this is a feel-good story, but as someone whose wife has volunteered for over a decade in many Saanich parks, including PKOLS, I find this a little hard to stomach. My wife has given well over a thousand hours to Saanich and picked up countless bags of dog poop. She has also been jumped on, knocked over and bitten by dogs while doing this often very unpleasant volunteer work.

Has anyone ever apologized to her? Not once. Have she and her fellow volunteers felt the need to have their picture in the paper for their efforts? Also, no. So forgive me if I don’t think that a group of dog owners picking up dog poop is newsworthy. The bigger story is why all this poop is being left behind by irresponsible dog owners in the first place.

Tony Walker