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LETTER: Long-term renters bring more benefits to the community

The March 3 editorial was flawed in some of its logic when defending short-term rentals.

To say: “Short term rental units bring an economic benefit to their communities. The vacationers who book a stay at one of these units will shop in stores in the area and dine at local restaurants” is inferring full-time renters will not.

Further, you assume part-time renters will occupy these units every day of the year and that is just not the reality.

Long-term tenants provide a greater economic resource and use far more local services, such as medical, libraries, recreational facilities and schools. They also give back to the community through committees, volunteering and donating to the local food bank and charities. Full-time tenants ride the buses and use local taxis. They become more neighbourly; a part of the overall community.

Ron Baker