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LETTER: Local lifestyles reliant on ocean transport

I can only hope the recent article about offshore freighters is a wake-up call to speed up the unloading and loading processes involved at Vancouver and Fraser ports, not to mention any on our Island.

I quite enjoy seeing large container ships that aren’t full of 5,000 people who consume more goods than hundreds of container ships. It makes no difference what is on the ships, as 50 per cent of the world’s economy uses the oceans to transport them. So half of what you own is a fair assessment of what they bring to you.

Eat local you say? I don’t recall coffee being grown here, as some local coffee companies would have you believe. Pretty sure the bananas, avocados, and pineapples found at your local grocer weren’t locally sourced. Transporting oil products seems to be taboo unless it’s makeup, nail polish, golf balls, insulation, or some other necessary derivative.

The same people who buy electric vehicles, thinking they’re saving the planet, think nothing of flying. I have some fresh humble pie on my window sill, locally sourced of course.

Stuart Walker

Central Saanich