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LETTER: Letters sum up feelings on development

Kudos to Woody Turnquist and Rod Stiebel for their letters in the Sept. 8 edition of the Goldstream Gazette. Their words resonated with me “to a tee.”

My husband and I have called Langford home for 17-plus years, having lived in Colwood for 15. We have seen major changes in our city, both positive, but many negative. My suggestion has always been, “Put a moratorium on development and improve the city’s infrastructure, including sidewalks and nighttime lighting.”

We are very disappointed and disgusted with trees being removed, so many homes and condos being built, traffic constantly jammed. The list goes on and on. It breaks my heart every day as I walk around my neighborhood, or drive Leigh Road and throughout Langford, and see the so-called development.

A huge thank you to Mr. Turnquist and Mr. Stiebel again, for putting into words what I have been thinking over the last few years, but unable to articulate so fluently.

Judy Rioux