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LETTER: Let staff handle North Saanich’s OCP review

The decision by Modus to terminate its contract for the official community plan (OCP) review with the District of North Saanich rests squarely on the shoulders of several members of North Saanich council.

As well-intentioned as Mayor Peter Jones’ plans for the mayor’s official community plan advisory committee and subcommittees may have been, notwithstanding the gross lack of clarity regarding the same, the do-it-yourself approach to an OCP review for our community is not working.

This very significant body of work needs to be returned to the excellent and highly skilled North Saanich staff who dedicate their professional lives to serving the district. Said another way, and I know they’ve heard it before, but it bears repeating: North Saanich council needs to get out of the weeds and stay in its lane.

This entire situation is so unfortunate, was entirely preventable and is an embarrassment for everyone who lives in North Saanich.

Heather Gartshore

North Saanich