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LETTER: Langford on leading edge for EV use

During his visit to the Capital Region, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau promoted the benefits in the recent budget on spending on infrastructure for electric vehicles.

“We need to do even more, even faster,” Trudeau said during an appearance on radio station CFAX.

The federal Liberals last month committed to a tighter schedule on shifting Canadian vehicle sales to electric models, mandating one in five new passenger vehicles be battery-operated by 2026, 60 per cent by 2030 and 100 per cent by 2035.

Once again, the City of Langford is on the leading edge with regard to accommodating the burgeoning demand for EV charging as we move to electric vehicles. More specifically, the municipality by leading the Island in approving higher density dwellings is also encouraging EV charging in such new multi-family dwellings.

Apart from the downtown Victoria core, surrounding municipalities may encourage electric vehicles but they are not approving much higher density development. Retrofitting in older domiciles is both costly and inconvenient.

Within a few short years, the demand for EV charging will be enormous and other surrounding municipalities will need to play catch up. This fact will undoubtedly just make Langford even more attractive as a place to live.

Avi Ickovich