LETTER: Lack of doctors the real health crisis

Premier Horgan’s comments about the ongoing mandates continued to disappoint. Your faith in Bonnie Henry’s knowledge of, and responses to, this virus is not shared by a great number of your fellow British Columbians. She is not following the (ever-changing) science; if she were, she’d have advised you and Adrian Dix many months ago that science shows the so-called remedy has turned out not to be a true vaccine.

The definition of madness has perhaps never been more apt: Insanity is repeating the same mistakes and expecting different results. COVID is now endemic. It’s time to stop the madness and end the mandates.

Focus “health” efforts on what you can – and should – control: access to doctors for the 100,000 in Greater Victoria alone (700,000 provincewide) who are without a doctor, increased hospital bed capacity, and the prevention and early treatment of disease.

We’d do well to have far fewer bureaucrats and far more common sense.

Dolores Bell