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LETTER: Independent review needed for expedited projects in Langford

I’m writing in regards to this Danbrook One apartment debacle where Langford council, whose responsibility is vetting that these projects are in order before giving approval, and the principal contractor DB Services both deny any responsibility. I can only conclude it must be an act of God, though I didn’t realize God is into cutting and pasting to expedite construction projects.

Culpability aside, this problem has and will cost the taxpayers of Langford a lot of money. Aside from paying for hotel costs for evicted residents, there are council’s legal fees and then likely a portion of the repair costs if found to have any responsibility in this debacle.

This disaster does not come as a surprise to many of us living in Langford, especially taking into account that Langford council’s dash for contractor cash is a No. 1 priority where existing residents are sacrificed for any projects that may come along.

My real questions are that in light of this, will council put all currently approved projects for this contractor on hold while they “independently” verify that they are being done correctly. And will council do an independent review of other expedited approved projects to ensure they are/were done correctly?

Since Langford council is denying they have any responsibility in this problem, even though the provincial government is saying otherwise, I have no confidence we could trust an internal review to identify potential issues or shortcomings.

Enough is enough, it appears just about every other project in Langford is an expedited project and therefore prone to mistakes. It is time to put some trust back into the process for the existing residents of Langford.

Chris Peterson