LETTER: Hwy. 14 improvements about safety


Reading all of the complaints and solutions concerning Sooke traffic problems, most readers are misinformed.

Letter-writer William Wallace (Letters, April 14) blames the $85-million Highway 14 upgrade as a waste of money. The project was never about improving traffic flow into Sooke.

However, it was essential for East Sooke residents and visitors. The 17-Mile Pub corridor had a vehicle accident weekly, sometimes tragically, resulting in death, personal injury and thousands of dollars in damage.

With bus exchange and parking, this new elaborate intersection will eliminate a lot of problems and save millions over the years.

You probably could build a four-lane highway into Sooke, but that would cost you $1 billion today.

For those who didn’t know, the Social Credit government in 1987 proposed precisely that for a mere $300 million but in 1991 the NDP squashed it.

Bradley Johnson



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