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LETTER: Housing disparity in full display

Imagine my shock when I opened the Feb. 17 issue to a full-page real estate ad showing multi-million-dollar houses opposite a page whose headline read “Hut showcases what temporary shelter could look like.”

If it was your intent to rattle our brains with this irony, bravo! Some of the houses boast “7 beds, 8 baths” whereas these huts, though a dry and secure alternative to tents, are without washing facilities and are small enough for just a bed.

They are only temporary shelters, yes, and a very small step up, but I wonder, again and again and over again, what has become of our sense of equity when this discrepancy can be so huge, when one family home could contain eight huts in just their bathrooms? So blatantly spread there on your pages!

Nancy Issenman