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LETTER: Hoping greenspace never goes out of style

I am writing in response to Chris Campbell’s Feb. 8 column about the densification of single-family neighbourhoods, euphemistically (and cleverly) called “the missing middle” by its proponents and the pro-development lobby.

Mr. Campbell argues in favour of this, which is fine, but his characterization of its opponents is quite inappropriate for a journalist, let alone an editor. He insults those homeowners who disagree with this kind of development by calling them “noisy NIMBYs,” and describing them as “… whining about new housing.”

He tells us that he just moved to Victoria from Vancouver, a city that many of us in Saanich do not wish to emulate. He appears to have contempt for us bumpkin house owners and is now scolding us for our selfish ways.

And as for the comment that house owners often bought them for relative peanuts decades ago, let me assure him that when I bought mine 27 years ago, it was very difficult to afford even then. Like his daughter, I also spent many years living in run-down old houses with four, five or six roommates, worked and saved up money, until I could afford a down payment on a house.

And yes, I would not want my house and yard in the shade of a three-storey townhome development. I really like being in an old neighbourhood with lots of open greenspace (also known as yards) and trees. Strange, aren’t I?

Craig Nash