LETTER: Homeowners should be able to cut trees on their own property

It is sad a homeowner cannot cut some trees on his property without putting up with protesters who seem to act like they own the property and pay the taxes on it.

Let the homeowner do what he’s been allowed to do, which is no one else’s business. Do they go to other people’s homes and dictate what they can and can’t do? Trees grow, and a common estimate is the carbon released and stored increases 100 per cent every 5-10 years depending on growth cycles.

This protest and the amount of media attention is sillier than the TMX pipeline being halted for the sake of one hummingbird and a robin’s nest, which TMX paid the fine given to them. I had a neighbour’s tree come within three metres of my home due to woodpeckers, and if I did so much as cause any harm to a species not at risk, I would be given a five-figure fine or jail time, not to mention going into debt if the tree did hit my house.

The lone Indigenous protester does not speak for other cultures whether Indigenous or not. Come on people, enough of the virtue signalling. Use your common sense.

Stuart Walker

Central Saanich