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LETTER: High cost of housing affecting Sidney, like all towns and cities

Much has been written over the years about homeless people and it seems to fall on deaf ears at all levels of government.

The price of houses is not only out of control but this barter to the highest bidder, by a rule of law it should not be allowed.

What appears to be devoid at all government tables is an understanding of the fact our next generation of Canadians will suffer with increased mental and general good health, due to this chronic situation of not being able to afford a house or rent.

Sidney has become the city many residents do not wish to see, as our once-charming town is no more than an ugly mess of condo squares. If this isn’t enough for council to realize not only have we lost our sky space – one writer in Thursday’s issue warned of losing mature trees – it affects not only our climate change but the birds and wildlife.

Our iconic waterfront being another concern, council should carefully consider not whether we really need floating structures to benefit local residents, but rather think about those who need much more.

Allowing such things on our waterfront would destroy the ambiance of our once-small town. Now is the time for all to speak out and our voices be heard.

Caroline E. Whitehead


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