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LETTER: Headline not indicative of positive changes in Langford

I am a longtime resident of Langford and take issue with front-page headline of “Good times gone, growing pains are here in Langford” in the March 8 Gazette. This subjective statement is a mere point of view, an assumption, and to me, actually false.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like tax increases as much as the next guy, but I am grateful to live in Canada and understand taxes serve a purpose. There is more to creating a safe, vibrant and happy community than just keeping taxes low.

For example, as reported in your same issue, some of the tax revenue will go towards adding more firefighters and RCMP officers. In my opinion, this is a much-needed positive move. Having well-equipped emergency services is essential in keeping our city safe (and crime down) as our population continues to soar.

As for saving the YMCA, I feel the city is stuck between a rock and a hard place. The existing agreement signed between the former council and the owner of the building (Westhills) states the city would have to take over lease payments anyway if the Y defaults. I agree with their decision to help keep the Y afloat.

In terms of “growing pains in Langford”… Any new position goes through a learning curve, especially when it is tasked to make changes, right some wrongs, and clean up some mess left by the former governing body. Change is challenging, and sometimes uncomfortable, but Langford residents voted and the new mayor and council are making it happen.

Thus, I do not think that good times are gone in Langford, quite the opposite. The city is starting to add infrastructure and is addressing concerns that residents have been voicing for years. Concerns that often fell on deaf ears at previous council meetings. I am very optimistic about Langford’s new path.

So please … be cautious with abstract headlines. Although this letter is my opinion, the front page news should not be.

Suzanne Goudge