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LETTER: Giving a shout out to those who keep us safe and healthy

I wanted to take a moment to share my recent experiences with various emergency services positions, and the incredible people behind them. Growing up, my mother was a nurse for 38 years and I always appreciated the important work she did. However, it wasn’t until I cared for her during her cancer battle and met various people in these roles that my eyes were truly opened to the dedication, passion, and desire to help others required for these professions.

The roles of those in emergency services are not only challenging and complex, but require continuous training, the ability to perform under stressful conditions, and providing comfort to those in need. These professions witness some of life’s most difficult moments, yet still have the potential to witness miracles such as saving lives and raising funds for charity.

It’s important to remember that the people who help us during some of our most vulnerable moments are people too. They not only deserve our gratitude but also to be treated with kindness. Through my project, I hope to humanize these professions and encourage empathy and appreciation for the individuals who devote their lives to helping others.

Whether you’ve interacted with a police officer, 911 operator, nurse, doctor, medical professional, firefighter, specialized rescue team, or border patrol agent, we have all likely encountered someone who is there to protect and/or help us. I invite you to visit my project website at to learn more about these professions and the incredible individuals who make up our emergency services.

Let us show our appreciation and support for those who do so much to keep our communities safe and healthy.

Jennifer Dowd