LETTER: Gingko trees well suited for Oak Bay Avenue

If I could provide some positive aspects to growing gingko trees on Oak Bay Avenue, as planned by the Parks Department.

Gingko are proven “urban warriors” when it comes to thriving in cities and heavy traffic areas. They may not attract beneficial insects relative to other plants, as a reader in the Oct. 28 issue of Oak Bay News points out, but this is a function of the tree being very resistant to insect infestations and decay and disease in general, and they tolerate street pollution very well.

They are also good sidewalk trees, in the sense that the root is more tap than lateral, and won’t cause sidewalk upheaval, which is a real safety concern in an area like Oak Bay Avenue where there is a lot of foot traffic. Their broad leaves capture lots of carbon dioxide, and from an esthetic point of view, the leaves and bark provide four seasons of beauty and textures. Over time, they grow into beautiful shade trees.

David Parker

Oak Bay