LETTER: Forget the pool and put that money into road repairs

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Forget the outdoor pool idea. If there were such a demand for outdoor pools there certainly would be more pools on private and public properties.

As a former Montrealer I figured almost every home had an outdoor pool, but Montrealers also have hot humid summers and the pools were well used. Victoria summers for the most part are not very hot and humid.

An outdoor pool in Victoria might be useable for perhaps two months and the rest of the year they would lie dormant. Daily skimming, Ph testing and adjusting are part of the care. Also with all the trees in Oak Bay there are a lot of leaves. More maintenance. Shutting the pool down in winter and refilling it in the spring can be expensive. A true white elephant.

Forget the pool and put that money into road repairs. Roads which are the worst in the CRD.

William Jesse

Oak Bay