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LETTER: Fish market an integral part of Sidney waterfront

My comments are directed to the committee that is developing a plan for the eventual replacement of the Sidney wharf.

I want to make it clear from the outset that getting rid of the fish market should not be even up for discussion. In my mind and in the minds of any person I have asked, the fish market is the most iconic symbol of the town of Sidney.

In the newspaper article, the potential developers say they would replace it with something even more “recognizable.” The question I ask is: If you close your eyes and vision the Sidney waterfront do you see the fish market or do you see the Pier Hotel? I question the idea that the potential developers have really bought into the integrity and beauty of our waterfront. A case in point would be Victoria Gin building. Take a look at the wonderful job they have done in beautifying the patio. The discarded pallets and empty plastic containers filling the patio bring a huge sense of pride to my heart.

The article states that the fish market may not be salvageable. If there was a will then there certainly would be a way.

If we do not keep the building how many movies and tourists will we lose to other communities. I’m sure the use of a shot of the fish market is one of the main reasons movies shoot scenes here. How many times have you seen the Pier Hotel in a part of a movie scene.

If the committee is interested in the integrity and beauty of our waterfront then I challenge them to ask voters how they feel about current ideas for the wharf.

Please give our fish market building some of the respect it deserves and write your elected council with your opinion.

Jim Brown

Central Saanich