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LETTER: Fish market a symbol of Sidney

I noticed that the new Sidney calendar for 2022 is proudly displayed at a local bookstore. That the calendar is about the Town of Sidney is readily apparent in that the cover photo is of the blue and white building housing the fish market on the public wharf.

It is one of the few – possibly the only – landmark that distinguishes Sidney from any other seaside town. Tourists and locals spend a huge amount of time enjoying the ambiance there and buying fresh seafood; photos of it on postcards have been sent all over the world. Generations of families, school groups, birdwatchers, hikers, campers have assembled on the wharf awaiting the ferry to Sidney Island. But our present council is discussing removing it to be replaced by aging pontoons which would feature a hotel/restaurant (to the benefit of the developer) and a public space the size of my living room.

As previous letter writer, Nat Klein, eloquently pleaded, make your concerns known to the mayor and council of the Town of Sidney – before it’s too late.

Judith Stricker