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LETTER: Embrace changes for a more vibrant Saanich

I read with a wince the curmudgeonly opinion of lifelong Saanich resident Lorne Pednault-Peasland. I took from his letter that since he knows all about heritage properties in our city, the rest of us shouldn’t bother learning about them as well.

As a new Saanich resident (there goes the neighborhood), I am pleased most other residents are much more congenial. For example, the volunteers of Heritage Foundation and the Arts, Culture, Heritage Advisory Committee who did the work that was criticized, most of which I understand was done for free.

Unfortunately, this “hey you kids, get off my lawn” sentiment fit the theme for this issue’s letters, which started with a plea to keep Cadboro Bay safe from newcomers, at hyperbolic mortal risk to the “fabric of the neighbourhood,” followed by concern that if we build infrastructure to support more people living in rural Saanich, those people may actually show up.

For the last year, our former minister responsible for housing (now likely to be premier) has told municipal governments that if they don’t open up their cities to new housing opportunities the province will do it for them.

It’s time for the letter writers to read the room and accept the vibrant changes that are coming for the neighbourhood fabric.

Bradley Weldon