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LETTER: Dogs out of control on Cadboro Bay

I’d like to thank the letter writers who have come forward on what has become a far-too-common occurrence on our public beaches and parks. Every time I visit my neighbourhood beach of Cadboro Bay I am witness to the dangerous behaviour of “friendly” off-leash dogs charging and jumping. Even dogs racing past my family and I at high speeds causes me great concern. How do I know if your “friendly” dog won’t suddenly turn on my children? Or knock them over accidentally?

We’ve had dogs pee on our sandcastles and beach toys, poop within feet of where we are playing, steal our food and shake sand and water on us. I have been jumped on while coming between dogs and my children, and my children have been sniffed and licked. We’ve even been told to get off the ‘dog beach’ (accompanied by expletives) if we don’t want to be around dogs. It’s not OK and needs to stop.

I have seen little to no use of leashes when I have visited Cadboro Bay beach since the leash law was put in place on Nov. 1. Where is animal control?

S.L. Jackson