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LETTER: Dog owners need to follow the rules

Hey fellow dog lovers, can some of you please stop being so selfish? I’m referring to those who ignore the rules while being in an on-leash park or school ground and letting your special friend off leash to run anywhere it wants. What makes you think you are above the rest of us?

Currently, of Saanich’s 171 parks, 58 allow dogs with some restrictions, and only two parks prohibit dogs from the entire park. Saanich has one park with on-leash requirements for the whole park and one park with on-leash requirements for certain areas of the park for public safety reasons and environmental protection. The University of Victoria, as well as all other school grounds in Saanich require all dogs to be on leash while on their grounds. There are signs posted in many places at UVIC, as there are at all entranceways to public school grounds for all to understand this requirement.

Some of us do not have the luxury of allowing our dogs off leash so we stick to the one or two parks and various school grounds or UVIC, yet there you are running your dog off leash ignoring the rules. Thanks, I guess the other 56 parks in Saanich aren’t enough for you? So are you truly oblivious or just lacking consideration for other dog owners?

Peter Haring