LETTER: Deadline needed for Tolmie pickleball

I would like to respond to the president of the Victoria Regional Pickleball Association’s letter Nov. 24 asking neighbours of Tolmie Park to work with her to press Saanich to develop new pickleball courts to replace the ones at Tolmie. She acknowledged that pickleball is noisy and these courts are too close to the neighbours. She said she was seeking a compromise.

I phoned her and we found common ground except for timing. I suggested that pickleball at Tolmie could continue for six months while we lobbied Saanich to fast-track new courts. We need a firm deadline for when play will stop; it can’t go on and on.

By allowing pickleball to continue at Tolmie Park, Saanich Parks is in non-compliance with the minimum setbacks in its own pickleball guidelines approved by council Oct. 4.

Rob Harvey