LETTER: Council’s efforts on OCP appreciated

Thank you to Sidney mayor and council all for your diligent service to our community, especially during the OCP review. It’s clear you all hold sincere and heartfelt opinions regarding the issues of the OCP.

A special thanks goes to Councillors Fallot, Rintoul, Garnett and Wainwright, however, for carefully listening to the concerns of those of us who reside in the proximity of the Cedarwood site. As well, you were able to correctly discern the reality of the circumstances surrounding that property and we are grateful for your wisdom.

We wholeheartedly agree with your view that it is unrealistic to assume that meaningful affordable housing could ever be a part of the Cedarwood waterfront site. Your thoughtful consideration of the full impact of council’s decision is very much appreciated.

Again, our thanks to you all for working to make the best decisions for our lovely community.

Brian and Kathy Driver