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LETTER: Councillors can fight Quebec bill with their own money

Mayor and council have raised my blood pressure yet again. Coun. Sharmarke Dubow should have been humiliated enough when he was not forthcoming about his trip abroad yet he feels the need to further humiliate himself by suggesting the taxpayers of Victoria cough up $50,000 to send off to Quebec to fight Bill 21 to fulfil his own personal agenda.

If Coun. Dubow and some of the other council members feel so strongly about giving money to fight Bill 21 then they should do so from their own personal bank accounts. I think the mayor and council need to explain to the citizens of Victoria why spending taxpayers’ money in this manner is not unethical or illegal.

And while we are speaking of unethical, why have the mayor and council chosen to ignore the majority of citizens who oppose the reconciliation tax and continued to push through this tax. The citizens of Victoria deserve some answers to these important questions.

Dave Mason