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LETTER: Council opening the door to high-priced housing

Thank you Saanich News for continuing to publish letters from citizens exposing the many fronts on which developers and certain councillors are working to turn Saanich into Vancouver-lite. They are working hand-in-hand to bypass OCPs and LAPs in order to build overpriced condos and townhomes that are unaffordable for ordinary Saanich families.

In the recent case of the controversial Rainbow Street/Swan Hill project, the developer acknowledged that their townhomes would not be affordable as defined by Saanich’s own 2020 Housing Needs report. This fact was also highlighted in the planning report for this project. Yet the mayor and certain councillors continue to make statements in support of this project.

This developer continues to take property out of circulation for high-density, high-end housing. This guarantees that the housing crisis gets worse, not better, over time.

Saanich citizens are starting to realize that some councillors have forgotten who it is they are supposed to be serving. Hopefully, we can minimize the damage they inflict until the end of their term when we can relegate them to history.

Michael Laplante