LETTER: Conflicts fueled by need for oil

While watching in horror as events unfold in Ukraine, it occurs to me that there is an additional great reason to stop global warming. If we get off fossil fuels, there will be far fewer international conflicts.

For decades, wars have been caused, or made worse, by our reliance on fossil fuels. Conflicts often revolve around where oil and gas are produced and used and transportation routes in between. Currently, sanctions against Russia are compromised by the fact that much of Europe relies on oil and gas from Russia and worldwide there is fear of rising oil and gas prices if the Russian supply is no longer available.

Renewable energy sources are far more evenly distributed throughout the world. (The sun shines almost everywhere.) Almost any community can produce its own power locally through renewables. (Think solar, wind, geothermal, tidal…) Let’s move quickly to solve climate change and create world peace.

Jane Welton