Clover Point (Photo courtesy of John Amon)

Clover Point (Photo courtesy of John Amon)

LETTER: Compromise would bring people back to Clover Point

Thank you to Couns. Charlayne Thornton-Joe and Marianne Alto for proposing a suitable compromise to the reconfiguration of Clover Point for the benefit of all users. Their proposal sensibly suggests that during the winter storm months, the traffic barriers be removed and vehicle occupants be allowed to park facing west to storm watch in a sheltered environment.

In the summer months, when the outdoor space is more user-friendly, it would be reconfigured for pedestrians only. It’s a simple solution that is easily achieved and which would go a long way to dissipate the divisiveness the mayor and council have created in the community over their authoritative handling of this issue.

A recent trip to Clover Point revealed rows of unused picnic tables. Had the barrier not been there, I would have parked there with my two senior friends to enjoy watching the waves. Instead, we circled and left the empty park to the gulls. What a waste of a treasured resource for no reason but misguided ideology from a tone-deaf city council.

John Amon