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LETTER: Communities should be more welcoming of cyclists

There appears to be a large segment of the population, especially the business community, that does not feel bicycles, or for that matter, any form of active transportation is of benefit to the community. Many cyclists spend money in various stores. It is rare that I ride through town and do not stop and spend some money.

I have cycled through many towns in British Columbia and stopped in many to enjoy the services and sites they have to offer. I will even go so far as to say I am more likely to stop than when I drive through the town in a car. The towns I am less likely to stop in are the ones that are less welcoming to cyclists and have minimal to no infrastructure to support them.

If it is a challenge to find a safe way through the town or the infrastructure to supply a safe location to lock my bike up is lacking, I minimize my time in the town. I just as soon prefer to leave the stress and rat race behind and find a more amicable location. Yes, some businesses in town I will not go to because they provide no reasonable facilities for a cycle and are openly hostile to cyclists.

A cycle-friendly town will most likely attract more visitors and customers than a non-cycle-friendly town. Also, a cycle requires considerably less infrastructure than an automobile, with seemingly endless requirements to provide more roads and parking for cars.

Norm Ryder

Central Saanich