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LETTER: Climate damage on parade

I was aghast, shocked and very disappointed when I heard the music and truck-horn blasts. Are the organizer of the truck light parade not aware of the crisis of global warning?

After a year of catastrophic disasters – more devastating than any experienced by humankind – world-threatening examples of what is in store for our atmosphere and its consequences. What a terrible example to set. A parade of trucks going nowhere – proceeding at minimum inefficient speed, therefore producing maximum carbon dioxide – into the lungs of the young children watching and the already overburdened atmosphere.

On the heels of COP 26. Don’t tell me it’s for the children, it’s for a group of well-intentioned people. Far better for them to have announced the discontinuance of the event for the future of the children!

What would Greta Thunberg say?

We, all of us, have to address this crisis – every day. There are less than nine years to achieve atmospheric temperature stabilization of 1.5 degrees. It is for your grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Ian Marshall

Oak Bay