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LETTER: Climate crisis demands action from us all

Here we are, on the precipice of a climate crisis, the displacement and misery of tens of millions of people, the collapse of agriculture in vulnerable areas, and our elected representatives are traversing the country throwing out coins and promises. Another unnecessary and costly election to distract us.

Governance it seems, has been usurped by politics. Campaigning has replaced in-depth decision-making. Keep Bay Street happy – buy a pipeline. ‘Grow the economy.’ Create the illusion of jobs. Subsidize polluters. Ignore science. Fiddle while homes burn.

So who is going to lead us out of this self-inflicted quagmire? The same ones who got us into it. Us.

Demand change. Demand action. Insist that our government make decisions based on science and the best interests of citizens, not the corporate status quo. Demand the end of subsidies to polluters. Insist on incentives for energy transformation. Write. Call. Inform. Protest. Block. Advocate. Vote.

What’s to lose? Except everything.

Karyn Woodland