LETTER: Charter of Rights a flawed document at its core


The Charter of Rights and Freedoms is a flawed document at its core. Nobody can have rights without responsibility; it is only that which will ensure that rights can be enshrined. Every society must govern for the common good, must have order and standard obeyance to the rule of law. In the Charter, there is no mention of any such responsibilities required.

Instead, it elevates individual rights ahead of societal rights. Absolute freedom is no freedom at all; it is anarchy which is exactly what we see with the disgraceful and lawless behaviour at Fairy Creek. These folks think that this style of self-entertainment is their right while denying many others their rights. This is a direct result of the Charter, allowing this nonsense by those who only believe in democracy.

It’s long past time for the B.C. government to invoke the notwithstanding clause. That way, the charter could be replaced by one that would be more sensible and realistic.

Lorne Christensen



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