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LETTER: Central Saanich crews go above and beyond

With all the negative rhetoric I thought it was time for some positivity.

I am a dialysis patient and go for treatments three days a week on Handidart. In November I called Central Saanich Public Works and asked the manager if they could possibly plow my road should we have a significant enough snowfall. As we do not live on an important thoroughfare, our road is not a priority. He asked which days I went in for dialysis and assured me our road would be plowed first thing in the morning so that Handidart could get through safely. In December the snow came and to his word the road was plowed. Thank you so much.

I also have special thanks for all the drivers of Handidart. They travelled with two drivers (one swamper) onboard during the snow and at least two shovels so they could clear a path from their customer’s door to the road, if necessary (and if they needed to dig the bus out). The drivers were incredible in such nasty conditions.

Thank you again Central Saanich Public Works and Handidart. You rock!

Catherine Ward